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Light is life and so the way in which it is managed has an important influence on our daily lives. Whether in a private or institutional setting, or for functional or decorative purposes, lighting which is carefully thought through and planned is an important element in any architectural project, with potentially disastrous consequences if it is not professionally designed. 

Lighting is directly related to the way in which an architectural space is defined, influencing its interpretation, boundaries, highlights and contours. It also has a co-relationship with the materials and their conservation. Taking into account the influence of temperature and ultra-violet and infra-red rays, a lighting project can cause changes in the preservation and longevity of an artwork. 

ART Solutions finds the solutions to create different scenarios that are meticulously considered and conceived to suit each situation, by combining various types of lighting and making efforts to follow the ways and needs of modern architecture. 

We elaborate projects and provide consultancy in lighting, a unique service around the architecture and its projects.



Our design, curatorial and production services for cultural exhibitions enables the organization of permanent, temporary and travelling exhibitions that create a narrative with images, sound and sensations. We can organize textual and audiovisual resources of any size and in any geographic location. 

It is important to foster an intentional, objective and memorable experience between the visitor and the content of the exhibition on display. The aim of ART solutions is to design exhibitions that surpass conventional limitations and create temporary spaces that leave long-lasting impressions and sensations. 

In response to the spatial and contextual parameters of each project,
ART solutions develops a tailor-made balance between permanent and temporary components that covers both construction and contents.
The typical process involves conceptual development, documentation, design and architecture, implementation, production and final installation and may also include interpretive services and the graphic design for the exhibition. 

For us, each exhibition has its own vitality and destiny. 
There is no standard format, formula or style...
Our motto is to fill the mind and not just the space!



The moral obligation that museums and private or institutional collectors have towards their collections is fundamental, given that each artifact is part of a cultural or scientific whole and as such must be respected and preserved to ensure its continued value in the future. 

Institutional and private collectors are accountable for the way in which they pass the material record of their artworks on to their heirs and successors.
Keeping ordered and retrievable records is therefore essential to the integrity of any collection. The collector, whether private or institutional, must have total control of his collections and be able to identify the location and state of conservation of the artifacts contained in them.
The procedures introduced to manage a collection must be closely followed so that its state can be periodically evaluated and its general maintenance ensured. 

As a company,
ART Solutions is responsible for managing artistic and architectural heritage, a complex exercise which is divided into several areas of equal importance: inventory, evaluation, cataloguing, acquisitions, disposal and preventive conservation



ART Solutions is dedicated to conservation and restoration as well as preventive conservation of private or institutional heritage (movable and immovable). It is dedicated to the study of scientific advances and new technologies, as well as technical supervision of conservation and restoration projects, using norms, ethical codes and methodologies for the activities it undertakes. 

All of our work is carried out by professionals who are accredited and experienced in different areas of the decorative arts and architecture.

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