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The moral obligation that museums and private or institutional collectors have towards their collections is fundamental, given that each artifact is part of a cultural or scientific whole and as such must be respected and preserved to ensure its continued value in the future. 

Institutional and private collectors are accountable for the way in which they pass the material record of their artworks on to their heirs and successors.
Keeping ordered and retrievable records is therefore essential to the integrity of any collection. The collector, whether private or institutional, must have total control of his collections and be able to identify the location and state of conservation of the artifacts contained in them.
The procedures introduced to manage a collection must be closely followed so that its state can be periodically evaluated and its general maintenance ensured. 

As a company,
ART Solutions is responsible for managing artistic and architectural heritage, a complex exercise which is divided into several areas of equal importance: inventory, evaluation, cataloguing, acquisitions, disposal and preventive conservation

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